Family / Marital / Systems Therapy 

 This area of treatment provides individuals with essential tools to improve relational boundaries and facilitate communication.  Couples therapy in particular serves to reduce interpersonal distress, improve compatibility and enhance intimacy.  In addition conjoint therapy can both include premarital coaching and separation / divorce mediation.  

Bronwyn is certified in both family and marital therapy.  She is a graduate of the premier / renowned Ackerman Institute for The Family (1994) and completed four years of direct live supervision from master clinicians in the field, including Virginia Goldner, Peggy Papp and Connie Scharf. Her training at Ackerman provided a full eclectic range of systemic, behavioral and strategic techniques with a vast array of families in various stages of life. Following her graduation from Ackerman, Bronwyn attended the Family Studies Institute where she learned Minuchin Structural family Therapy model.   

In addition to her classical family systems training, Bronwyn has been more recently trained directly by Pia Melody (The Meadows) in the Post Induction Therapy Model which addresses relational recovery issues, family of origin trauma, codependency, love and sex addictions.