Dialectical Behavioral Therapy / DBT:

DBT developed by Dr. Marsha Linehan, a PhD at the University of Washington is a comprehensive cognitive/ behavioral treatment.  This manualized approach is designed to help people change dysfunctional patterns of behavior, such as self-harm and substance abuse. This manualized approach works to help people improve their daily lives by providing concrete coping skills in 4 distinct modalities, including mindfulness,  acceptance, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation and distress tolerance.  Although DBT was originally developed to treat complex personality disorders, it is now shown to be effective in treating a variety of psychological disorders, including PTSD, affective disorders and addictions.   

Bronwyn has been certified in DBT since 1997, where she trained directly under Dr. Linehan herself at the University of Washington, in Seattle.  She has worked extensively in this model providing individual and group skills training as well as DBT informed psychotherapy. Bronwyn uses this specialized treatment model with a variety of populations including personality, affective, anxiety and addictive disorders.