Brainspotting / BSP 

 Brainspotting, was developed by D. David grand and Lisa Schwartz, M.Ed..  This modality of attunement and somatic mindfulness is an offshoot of EMDR in that it uses a slowed down version of bilateral eye movements to track relevant eye positions (called brain spots) that correlate with neurological stimulation and internal experiences. In order to determine these eye positions, the client is guided to be in a state of focused activation, which is usually a response to an emotional, traumatic or somatic symptom.  After these eye positions or brain spots are identified (usually through a blinking or wobbling movement) the process allows for a safe discharge of activation held in the brain and body. In addition to identifying areas of distress brain spot positions, resource spotting is also located in the brain and body to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, in particular the ventral vagal nucleus, which essentially puts the amygdala to sleep, therefore allowing the implicit memories to become explicit. 

Bronwyn completed her Phase 1 and 2 level trainings with Lisa Schwartz, M.Ed. in NYC in 2012. She uses this modality often as a preliminary complement to EMDR to enhance both mindful attunement and safety. She uses this unique field of vision and somatic therapy to facilitate clients in their inherent ability to ground themselves in their bodies and process traumatic material effectively without becoming overwhelmed by stress hormones or flight freeze fight responses.


Post Induction Therapy / PIT

Post Induction Therapy (for Developmental Immaturity) is a model originally devised by Pia Melody, RN from The Meadows.  This type of treatment is designed to heal the effects of childhood developmental trauma. The interventions address family of origin roles, conflicts and communication as well as codependency, love and sex addictions. In addition this modality allows individuals to identify and reprocess childhood traumatic events in the present with resources from their adult (re-parenting) perspective. Core issues of self-esteem, boundaries, reality testing, dependency, moderation and shame reduction are addressed.  

 Bronwyn completed her PIT training with Pia Melody in June 2012.  Two years later, in 2014 she completed the Inner Child and Feeling Reduction intensive workshops with Cindy Browning, LCSW and Brenda Murley, LCSW.